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From the 'godmother of American Herbalism',
Rosemary Gladstar ..."Mrs. Greenbalm® is in every
sense, lovely...beautiful formulas (I studied each carefully:>),
great names and beautiful packagery, these products have the potential for a big future."

Organic First Aid Salve

"Comfort in Chaos!
That's what I call the rush
of a Saturday night in one
of my restaurants!
Hot Oil! Steam! Fire! Knives!
I may be a pretty good chef -
but we all take some heat!
It's Mrs. Greenbalm® that
keeps me calm and
soothes the 'bite' of
Saturday Night!"

ABC "The Taste"
Bravo "Top Chef"

Chef Julian Darwin of the Cascade Culinary Institute, uses Mrs. Greenbalm® for cuts, burns, dry skin and notices his skin is smooth and burns heal quickly.

BK in California writes, "I had 3rd degree burns on my left arm and chest. I used Mrs. Greenbalm® every day with excellent results. It has softened the scar tissue."

From AT in Montana ~ Thanks to you my skin is healing miraculously after being treated for some skin cancer conditions on my face, back and chest. I applied Mrs. Greenbalm® salve to the sores 3x daily and they are healing well. The new skin is clear.

DV in Louisiana says, "I got half my thumb ripped off by coral..I packed the salve in the wound every 4 hours so I could keep working. Three days later there is new skin and can't see the wound. No pain either."

WD in Oregon comments, "I use Mrs. Greenbalm® for cat scratches..it's awesome! Usually one application and the scratch is healed."

Don offers this, "My work requires a lot of contact with jet fuels (Jet A, Jet A-1, and JP-8). Jet is tough on the hands and I get a lot of small cuts. The "Mrs.®" brings me back to normal faster than any other thing I've tried."

Our Mom had open heart surgery and we applied Mrs. Greenbalm® to the incision every day. 18 days post-op another surgeon looking at the well-healed incision asked us what year she had the surgery? HA! ATM in Arizona

Baby Greenbalm™ Testimonial

Nema K. says,"It works perfectly on my daughters newborn bottom and where her diapers were too snug. She has skin that reacts to things easily, wipes etc and this healing salve works better then anything."

LT in Baltimore loves "Baby Greenbalm Lipbalmā„¢ to wipeout her crows feet."

People of all ages love Baby Greenbalm™!